Founded 1956:

The Shreveport Photographic Society was co-founded in 1956 by Bob Dial and Hank Rush who were (at that time) members of the Shreveport Camera Club. Membership in the new Photographic Society was by invitation only during the early years and its list of charter members included mostly professional photographers; only two, Hank Rush and Bill Razey, were amateurs. Of the charter members, a few (less than half) came from the SCC and the rest were working pros from the Shreveport area who were invited to join.

SPS Charter Members
  1. Bob Dial (co-founder)
  2. Henry L. “Hank” Rush (co-founder)
  3. T.C. Smith (Charter Member)
  4. Gordon Maxcy (Charter Member)
  5. Bill Razey (Charter Member)
  6. Bill Alexander (Charter Member)
  7. George Shorter (Charter Member)
  8. Ben Kinel (Charter Member)
  9. Maury Toomey (Charter Member)
SPS Early Members(partial list)
  1. Tom Drummond (Tom was the first new member addition to SPS)
  2. Richard Sparke, 1957
  3. R. O. Beckwith
  4. Jim Lynch

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