The Shreveport Photographic Society was started in March of 1951 by a group of twelve men who were for the most part professional photographers. While there were several lapses in membership to the Photographic Society of America between the years of 1951 and 1959 we were officially recognized with a certificate for 50 years of continuous membership in 2009. The longest standing current member who joined in 1957 remembers that the Shreveport chapter joined in 1956. This is most likely due to yet another late membership renewal which was quite common during that time. The Photographic Society of America lists in its most current records an official start date of March 1959.

     Much has changed in the 50 plus years of our existence. Our group has now grown to include both men and women, amateurs and professionals. We proudly count among our members some seriously seasoned amateurs who, on occasion, blur the line between amateur and professional photographers with some truly stunning images. Many of our members have either started or enhanced their carriers or interests in photography through affiliation with us.

     The members of The Shreveport Photographic Society remain dedicated to the art and science of photography. We have embraced the use of digital cameras as well as the recent technological advancements that have changed the way photographs are processed, printed, and even perceived. We continue to be committed to the importance of the visual aesthetic that makes a truly fabulous image as well as the technical innovations that make photography an ever evolving phenomenon.

     We have created a Facebook page in an effort to reach out to others interested in the photographic community. We would like to extend an invitation to our many friends to share your images with us. You need not be a member to do so. We do however respectively request that any and all images posted be appropriate and in good taste. Any post considered offensive in any way will be promptly removed.

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